Bottle Holder Product Information
  • Clips on to any waistband or belt just like your cell phone.
  • The elastic webbing accommodates various size bottles,
    cups and soda cans.
  • Ideal for walking, hiking and traveling.
  • A great gift or party favor.
  • A perfect item for trade shows, corporate events,
    fund-raisers and charity walks.
  • A promotional item that is both functional and practical.
  • Two places for company, corporate, team or event logos.
  • Small size 5 1/4” x 3”, fits into any purse or pocket
    when not being used.
  • Black is the standard color. Other colors are available in quantity.
  • Travelers carrying cameras, mobile devices, bags & documents
    would welcome having a classy “hands free” water bottle holder.
  • Brightly packaged for easy displaying and impulse buying.
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with clip strips & hooks for in store display.
  • Sell it online and in stores.
A Profitable Addition To Your Product Line